Monday, November 14, 2016

Dreading 2017

In just two months 2016 will come to an end. We'll usher in 2017, make resolutions (though I don't make them anymore coz I never make an attempt to work out my resolutions. I need magic not resolutions!) and wham! girls are in their upper level in their respective school. Another new phase as they're a step closer to their major examination.

Though I've walked the whole primary level with the older one, it's a new start for me to handle all over again, in a different style as every kid is different. 
Primary 5 is also tougher as it's getting them ready for Primary 6 and PSLE. The examination formats changed; the weightage changed; the grades dropped in first semester / term (you'll be lucky if the child maintained good results) 
Been pre-empting her that Primary 5 means staying back in school more; more homeworks plus since she's taking HMT she'll have added work amongst some others. I'm not sure if she can cope but we'll try and see how it goes. Infact, I didn't have much of a break the moment the older one finishes her PSLE. I realized the P3 (lil one in 2015) was almost similar to what her older sister has been doing. The standard has raised up yet again!! That's a span of 4 years. I can't believe what would happen when it comes to my grandchildren time. 

The older girl - 
Hopefully we have made the right risky choice for her subject combinations. We had to drop her weakest subject, the school didn't give her the subject so I guess it's some big hint the school is dropping on us. She's taking her favourite subject - History. With heavy commitment in Band, I had to be realistic. She wanted this subject; that subject and I kept questioning her if she can cope. As much as I'd love her to take Pure Biology and Pure Chemistry, I don't think she can cope with it. Looking at "how well" she's been doing her time management for the past two years, with my constant nagging leading to harsh scolding ....  Nah! I think the less subjects the better for her, so she can concentrate on acing each subject. To think that she had been harping on doing EMP, promising that  she'll  manage her time well etc.. I'm just so sick and tired of her empty promises; of her talk but no action. No way! I don't want to have that commitment then realized she's not keeping her promises; I'll be like stuck to caring for a dog for life when I'm not prepared for hard work. Plus, if she takes EMP, she needs to spend an additional day after school hours in another school. I have no idea which day it would be, whichever day it is, it might 'eat into the time' of her tuition or piano lesson. Sounds easy huh? But I've got to handle another kid also. Though she can take bus but that means more time wasted on travelling. 

Although she says she wants to get into JC, I'm just keeping my options open for her. I don't even know if she'll 'wake up' and work hard as she should have been. Anyway, hell no I'm not going to send her overseas to study if she fails miserably for her O'Levels. She can come out to work and then do part-time studies next time. There comes a time when I just want to give up on her. Should just let her learn her lesson the hard way.    

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