Friday, November 25, 2016

Big baby is 14!

20th Nov (Sun) - The girl wanted Dynasty Paradise @ Vivo as her birthday treat

21st Nov (Mon) - Her birthday cake from Antoinette .We didn't cut the cake the day before as we were too full from dinner at Dynasty Paradise  
25th Nov (Fri) - What a way to spend her birthday! The girl had to be back in school for Band practice. Although we did say we didn't have time to celebrate for her, that was why she was given her birthday treat on 20th. But hubby, no matter what dotes on her (even though he doesn't display much affection), he worked from home and decided to go and pick her up from school and asked what she wanted to eat. Though it had to be a quick one - eat and return home - as he had some work to do.
Meanwhile, the surprise has been up in her room. Lil' one was hushed not to spill the beans.  

The moment she looked up her room door from the living room, she suspected something (moreover she noticed me angle my handphone in vertical way) and deliberately detoured and walked to my room first. Yup! Got the video down. Oh man! She hates taking pictures that it's so hard to get any nice shots of her.
Checking out the big balloon.Smiling .......

Happy Sweet 14th my darling girl! 

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