Monday, July 22, 2013

Naming a child

When news of the wife expecting a baby, the new parents are battled with two questions. First question would be the gender of the baby - such that they can plan the colour of baby's layette. Second question would be what to name the baby. (just in case you're wondering.. Nope! I'm not pregnant. I'm really happy with just 2 - to keep myself sane) 

Was reading my old blog entries. (kindda good to have this blog to revoke my otherwise senile-ly mind) Somewhat this caught my attention. So, you must be wondering if I whacked anyone up? Nope, but many people get her spelling wrong - Alicia in all these 7 years. Yes, many times I get a "what?" when I spell out her name. After explaining the meaning, they do realise it's a nice name afterall.

Well, at least her name is not a ridiculously made up name.

Athena finds pride in her not so common name too. Always telling me " there's so many Sarahs, Nicoles, Alexis, Megans, Clares in the school. But there's only one Athena in the whole school."
When I explained to the two girls the meaning of their name, they knew their names held such strong meaning. But.......... they're from what their name means.
My Goddess of Wisdom is not exactly any wise
My Royal blood Princess of Athens is wayyyyyyyyyy too gangster-ish to be a Princess.

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