Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thank You Teachers!

Thank you dear teachers !

It's a brain wrecking affair every year. This year I took the lazy way out by getting a template available on the website. Credit to :

Printed the labels using my candy wrapping papers. Got the tags and backings ready for assembling
Bought removable adhesive dots, you know the kind that is attached on your new credit card?? It's really easy to handle and I felt like I'm in a factory. Oh well! I'm so used to this "factory line work" by now.But before I start with the factory work, I had to play mahjong. Haha! Well, literally so coz' I had to plan the positions of the chocolates to make sure colours and patterns don't repeat next to each other. Yup! Call me fussy but I needed it to be asthetically nice.

End product
Commissioned my friend too to make these pencil holders for me. I guess with the exam period looming close, I needed to free up my time. As it is, the chocolates already took up so much of my time. She did the most helpful thing but putting a "boy" in the cups that are meant for male teachers.
Packed and ready to go. I seem to exaggerate alot huh? My girls complain that they get to lug heavy big bags around on Teacher's Day. Actually I do notice kids usually just prepare the gifts for their particular teachers that year only. But no.... my girl says it must start from P1all the way to P5. Do your count then, on the average I have to prepare between 15-20 for both girls' teachers. Oh well, another year to go for che-che or maybe not..... she might want to come back to school and visit her teachers. Especially when her sister is still in the school and she gets a ride home after that.
Nonetheless, Thank You Teachers!! For without you, I'd be totally lost in teaching my girls.

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