Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Little Ballerina

After pestering us for 3 year (Yes, 3 years) daddy finally said yes to his lil' darling. OMG! I'm not very pleased and I am still very firm with my NOooooo.
Daddy is such a However this time round, the lil' one has a backup - all she needed to do was to quote daddy's big name and I have to  ..... 真是的

The reason why I didn't want any more classes is because I'm the chauffeur. Always seem so easy to agree on any courses but I have to plan the classes between the two of them. The search for Ballet school began. We found one that is on the same day as che-che's Chinese Compo   class. Same building too so save the hassle of running around from place to place. I have 20 mins of free time in between.

It's her first lesson today. And she's really happy. I'm beginning to suspect this lil' one is the sporty kind. Oh well, I have resigned to my fate and shall let her do what she wants  

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