Sunday, December 2, 2012


It's been more than 10 years since I last stepped on Japan land. I'm even more happy going to a part where I've never been to.
I kept that part of my brain with Japanese aside for too long, it's turned rusty.

The trip was fantastic, the girls had loads of fun with snow. It snowed heavily and although they've both been to winter countries before, they scream excitedly with it snowing on them. Flakes on their hair; nose; cheeks etc... They couldn't keep their excitement. They would deliberately stretch out their hand and wipe off the snow on the railings; kick the snow. They'd roll on the ground. Yes, they were really happy. I can sense their joy, I too wanted to do what they do. Old liao, scared if I get chilled may end up with rheumatism. The childish thing I could do was to throw snow at them catching them in surprise.  
Onsen was good. Che-che spent her time ogling at naked ladies. Haha! Once mei-mei followed her daddy, I hope she didn't shout "Aiyoh! What's that?" Haha! Anyway doubt anyone will understand her.
Would love to be back there again. That time, hopefully it would be a Free & Easy tour.
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