Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hols almost OUT. New school term NEARING

I can't believe where the time have gone. I thought that I would be able to plan at least 2 playdates (on separate days) with mei-mei's ex-MMI friends and St Hilda's. Let me tell you how many we had so far. NONE! Disappointing right? I am as I haven't had any of mei-mei's friends over at our place for playdates before. (that's the disadvantage of being the younger kid I guess. So I can't blame her for having no interest in baking or whatsoever)

In about three weeks' time, our lifestyle would have some slight changes. My little one will officially be in Primary 1. I loved it seeing how excited she is looking forward to see her new friends  and how she exclaimed to me when she overheard my conversation with my older girl "should mummy volunteer for the first 3 days"? 
"Mummy, you go and volunteer and help other mummies. No need to help me, then you go to the gate and wait for me". I had mixed feelings when she said that to me, as compared to her older sister she is definitely a girl with GREAT GUTS. I told you I would be the one crying on her first day in school, she'd kick her Mammarazzi mummy out of the school depriving me of chances snapping pictures of her. And for that once-in-a-lifetime scene I bought a SLR - so that I can zoom on her. Might as well put on a tracking device on her. 

I've been making her practice putting on and taking off her blouse and pinafore. Call her a pampered child, my girl never had the chance to learn to turn her clothes the correct way coz it's usually laundered after one wear. 
I should have made her carry her schoolbag and climb up two flights of stairs. But I didn't want to see my skinny girl being crushed under her heavy bag.

Other than that, I think she may be prepared for Primary 1 academically. It's honeymoon year but ...... with their Principal I'm sure the format of examination and tests have changed. 
So far, I totally leave her Chinese to Berries. She's done the first units, which are basically Hanyu Pinyin, in her assessment books for me. Horrible to hear her intonation still having that angmoh-ish tone.
English, by far, is her forté. I wouldn't say she's perfectly fine in English or get 100% all the time. But for a kid her age I should be snobbish to say, she's real good. So no tuition for now.
Maths, OMG!!!! She's good in her calculation but she's rather weak when she has to deal with heuristics. And because teaching the older one is a breeze for Maths, I swear I was going to kill the little one. I feel my brain cells dying after I teach her. I'll adopt a wait and see approach, if I cannot cope I'd have to send her for Maths tuition.

Okay, so the older girl will be Primary 5 next year. Heard about the dreadful DRASTIC DROP in results tale. It would be a comfort if she didn't score as well coz it happens to most kids but ....coming from me!!! Who have spent so much time coaching and torturing us both all these years ... She shouldn't be getting bad results. Hmm... Maybe I should learn to relax so that I can live longer.
I guess she'd be staying back in school more often. So now I wonder if she would be able to cope with her school homeworks. You would have heard how we often struggle with her homeworks daily. Her dilly-dallying and daydreaming; me getting worked up when she hasn't finished her homework; daddy sees her doing work and accuses me for loading her with my work; I get super mad at both of them for making me the bad person. (God is fair, he gave me an independent younger girl who loves to do assessment books, who has superbly good attitude)

Not sure which class she'd be in next year. I hope she remains in the same class...  Would she get the same FT 4 years consecutively?? Hope so. Pray hard!!

With them in school for a longer period, I don't have to rush like siao-charboh doing the housework. I can probably find a little time to have my early lunch and stuff myself fat with all the good food around Joo Chiat; then pack something for them ( on days when I'm lazy to cook their lunch) before picking them up. Speaking of which, I'm missing the 328 Laksa; poh piah in I12 foodcourt. 
Can't comment much about after school now. I can only see but I do foresee them eating in the car 5 days a week.  *complain complain* Argh! Lil' one had to spoil her Hello Kitty table (her third one so far) again!

Che-che was sad that I did allow her to take HMT. Oh please! Not that she has fantastic results for her Chinese, I need her to buck up first. I don't need her to stay back for HMT when she may have better use of her time. Moreover, I won't send her to SAP school, so the HMT is redundant. But I gave her permission to stay back for Maths Olympiad if she wants/can do it again next year.

Can't imagine how hectic it would be, I know I will be doing the same - grabbing one kid to do work while the other is in tuition class.

No more mei-mei's favourite Shichida class next year, Thursdays are free now. Yay!

Let me enjoy my last 3 weeks of relaxation mode.

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