Saturday, November 17, 2012

P1 Orientation

The letter stated that her class is Jonquil 1. On this day, we proceeded up to her classroom wondering who her Form Teacher would be.

Little one was pretty excited and happy to see her new friends, and she also talked about hoping to bump into two of her St Hilda's Kindy classmates.
I was really surprised to see their new paperwork, the last time I did was 4 years ago. And I must admit there wasn't so many forms to fill up this time round. And since I'm an experienced mummy, the speech and whole orientation flow wasn't that overwhelming to me.
Since che-che was with me, I asked her to stay and see if the teacher needed any help. I would proceed to the hall myself since hubby is not in Singapore. 

These are some pictures that che-che took of her little sister in her new class

All the blur faces


After the briefing by the Ms See, I went back to another classroom to submit form.  Seemed like they activated all the teachers back to the school. Che-che's Maths teacher was helping out mei-mei's class. Che-che's FT was helping another class so we dropped by the class after we picked her up. Mei-mei was rather outspoken and is the opposite of che-che.

Che-che as usual would complain to me about her sister, talking too much; asking too many stupid questions. So much so that her FT had to ask her to stop talking rubbish. Haha!
She left such a deep impression on her FT. FT even asked che-che if she (herself) is talkative, when she said "no", FT was doubtful. 

A great surprise when I found out my classmate's daughter and Aricia are classmate. So sweet right?

She told me she couldn't wait for school to start, she wants to see her friends soon.

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