Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Two more weeks

I can't believe it, it seems not long ago when I first brought Aricia to her new kindy. 

St Hilda's Kindergarten, a kindy which is known to all for preparing the children well for primary school. Well, I have nothing but praises for the school for inculcating Christian teachings and their emphasis on academic. I've seen how much my girl has grown.

Just today, my girl told me "mummy I will not cry, why must I cry? you volunteer to help other people in my school. Then you can go to the gate to wait for me". 
Aww..... isn't it so sweet? She sounds so brave..... She has a strong character but there's something that will make her cry - Injection! Really! 
I shall remember to telepathy with her again. Remember how well she behaved in St Hilda's ?

In two weeks time, we will say goodbye to this wonderful school; to the teachers and principal.

Thank you so much, St Hilda's! (mummy is going to cry soon)



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