Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

We're lucky that this year's Halloween happens right after their SA2. So... we can go trick-treating longer.

Every year, I wreck my brain thinking what my girls should dress up. Of course it was done without consulting them. I'm asking for trouble if I did, coz' they'd come up with so many characters.

Last year, che-che was Queen of Hearts and so I thought sticking to Alice in WOnderland would be a good decision and I'll work on that theme. Che-che is Mad Hatter and mei-mei is Alice. 

Had a reunion with Queen of Hearts. Costume looks familiar? Coz' that's mine! 

5.30pm and we started trick-treating.
Alice aka Aricia getting really fed-up with me. "why are you taking pictures all the time, mummy"?
Some random strangers
Bump into her classmate there
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