Friday, October 5, 2012

Children's Day 2012

The year is always filled with many small celebrations I have for the girls.

Children's Day is one of the special day. The girls look forward to the day when they are swarmed with presents as many as their birthday presents. Aren't they lucky?

As usual, I'd prepare something for che-che's classmates. This year I personalized these. I love it when I see the finishing touches, so professional looking. I think I really should go into this business. 

Personalized name stickers for the girls too!

Favors all boxed up. For Amethyst 4

For mei-mei's little friends in St Hilda's. One item is not enough so must pack alot into one bag for them.

Girls at home
I ordered personalized placemats for the girls this year. Nice right?
Hmm.... I'll have to start thinking what to get for them next year.

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