Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just for laughs

28th August
Few days ago, Che-Che asked me "mummy, what is aviary?" I answered her. Few minutes later,"mummy, what is a-r-s-e-n-a-l?" "It's a football team in England." Gave me a very blur look, "ooh! ...ok.."
Today as I'm marking her work, I burst out laughing at my answer. Wah!! Silly mother!!
Quick! Must make her erase off that definition n reload new and accurate answer. LOL

30th August
KZ related to me abt what happened this morning. Lil' girl's eyes barely open, hvnt brushed teeth, she walked out of bedroom n went to studyroom,did her mountaineering job (chair to highchair) n looked at her time-table for Tuesdays. Stare for quite awhile, think was trying to digest what she's reading in her blurry state. Did her big biz, washup,eat n did her work straightaway

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