Friday, August 26, 2011

How? How? How?

I recalled how ML celebrated Summer's birthday after school one day, and thought perhaps I can do something like that.

Still trying to figure out a date for mei-mei's birthday celebration with the older che-ches. Checked out Icing Room package, sounds interesting but it means everyone has to go down to Somerset 313. On a school day? Coz' our weekends are packed! But.... I'm the busiest person amongst them. My two girls have classes almost everyday! And don't ever talk about skipping lessons to mei-mei, she's one person who will insist on going for classes. (and make me feel guilty) Che-che would gladly love to skip her lessons but I would prefer her, being P3, to not skip any lessons.

Maybe can take one of the days during the school hols. Perhaps can discuss with the mummies. But looking at my own September hols schedule, can't find a day except Tuesday?

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