Thursday, June 2, 2011

Closure of

Hate this! Received an email about the cessation of my online photo sharing album. Shucks! Had to find another place to continue this.

I started off with Kodak Gallery years ago, but stopped when they asked to pay for the yearly subscription fee. Jumped the wagon to myphotoalbum. Which turned out to be free for only one year. Yah!yah! they always never tell you it's FREE for only one year. Even if they don't they print the words so bloody small that nobody can read. I didn't want to jump the wagon again and thought, heck lah! since they needed purchase to extend subscription for another year. I might as well get it right?

First purchase for 2nd year subscription - Christmas cards. I was waiting in great anticipation for the cards since they had the pictures of our little girls. One month went by after another. Before I knew it, it's already 2 weeks before Christmas as my alarm clock rang. "What's the problem?" I had already emailed them, they said they had sent it out but no ... I didn't get anything at all! By then I was already pissed off to the limit. Needless to say, my christmas cards were sent out late that year. My overseas friends received them after Christmas. I emailed them again, they kept claiming they had sent out but no further service recovery on their part.

Second purchase for 3rd year subscription - Notepads and mousepad. Those arrived in my mailbox quite fast.

Third purchase for 4th year subscription - Notepads again. I can't seem to get the Christmas cards, there seems to be some problem with their link with that. Sigh...

But then the bad news came when I've paid for the year! I had to look for alternatives. And they had the option of storing the albums into a DVD. I thought it'll be easier for me to upload into my new photosharing album next time. Haha! That is if I ever find the time to load the photos!!

The problem doesn't end just here. First they apologised for taking a long time to get the discs sent out coz' of massive load. Then when it did come a month plus later. My kids were boys! My kids were caucasians! Best thing - I had a different husband!! What the ?!?!?!?! I'm really angry. How can they make such silly mistake. And when I emailed them about recovering my DVD and sending back the DVD I have but not bloody paying postage. No reply. Bad service! Perhaps that's why they shut down!!

Now that I've changed to shutterfly, as seen on my top header, I hope they don't disappoint me. I don't think I have the time to upload my previous albums anymore. I hope I can find the time to upload new photos into my new account.

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