Saturday, June 18, 2011

June holidays

Set off to nearby places this time round. And it was a really long holiday - 10 days to be exact. We get alot of funny response from friends "what! 10 days!!"

Though I don't mind HKG for their food and shopping, I'd definitely stuff my face with noodles and desserts. Put on the extra pound and figure out how to lose them. Always so easy to put on weight but difficult to lose!

We left for Macau, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Macau 澳门
First stop, the much talked- about Venetian. Girls never stopped their "wows" the moment we stepped into the hotel. Of course che-che would remember clearly her handsome Go Jun Pyo in various spots in Venetian. The girls loved their room. Mei-mei calls the raised platform area their stage and kept putting up performances - singing and dancing.

(pic taken off their website)

They love the big bathroom too! Well... it's the bathtub that they both like. And throughout the whole trip, they rate the 4 hotels we stayed. Anyway, ask them which is their favourite country they've been so far. They'll answer you not based on the attractions but based on the toilet ratings.

From Macau we headed to Shenzhen by speedboat. The girls wanted to stick to daddy and I'm super h-a-p-p-y!! I can sleep without anyone disturbing me.

Shenzhen 深圳
I know when people mention about Shenzhen, the first thing they think of are the imitation stuffs. But when I was there, I went sightseeing. Keke!

I was surprise when hubby told me Shenzhen has changed and I'm really surprised at how alarming the change is. It's no wonder China is opening up to the world, said to be the next big country. I mean, even small provinces look more modern.

Prior to the trip, I suggested to hubby we can bring the kids to Windows Of The World. It's a very interesting place I went to donkeys years back. He said there are many interesting places we can go. Should trust him since he does travel to Shenzhen too. Okay... Ah-soh haven't been reading up ok? Unless I'm back flying right?

Wow! They have a direct subway to the attraction and it's really easy to travel around Shenzhen now.

Hong Kong 香港
We had the option for taking the train to Luo Wu and then change MTR twice to Jordan. Sounds easy but easy prey for snatch thiefs and we had 4 bags (coz' the girls wanted to drag their own bags). Then hubby suggested we could take a bus which is much easier. Best thing? The bus terminus is directly opposite our hotel. We only need to make one change and that's it. The bus however don't stop at our hotel, so we stopped someone closeby and took a cab down.

Chiak! chiak! chiak! Woah! I love the food.

Brought the girls to Ocean Park. Ahh... I've never been to Ocean Park. Bumped into mei-mei's music friend there. The girls enjoyed it especially the carousel. We sat with them thrice. Old folks feel the giddiness leh! They saw Red Panda and panda for the second time. And .... meimei had to be asked to keep quiet by the staffs there coz' we had to be quiet in the enclosure. Haha! She talked too much.

The last part of our trip, Disneyland. But it wasn't exactly good news for me when hubby told me last minute (In Macau) he had to travel to Shanghai and I was to bring them to Disneyland alone.
I feel so gloomy like Eeyore. The weather felt the same way too! On the day we arrived in Disneyland, the sky turned grey. And it rained heavily; trees swaying, I thought it was typhoon heading our way. Though kids won't be boring if we're stuck in hotel the whole day, but they were really looking forward to Disneyland. Wanted to bring them out in the early part of the evening but couldn't. We brought them there around 8+pm. Took some photos as I reckon the next day we'd be too tired to take photos after the fireworks.

The next day, we had breakfast together before daddy leaves for the airport. Said goodbye to daddy and off we went to Disneyland. My fears were unfounded, the girls did co-operate with me. In the afternoon, we sat in a prime spot for the Parade. They stopped in front of us and at one point, they went up to the two girls to play with the twirl thing. Mei-mei was brave enough to go up and I can see she liked it.
We had great fun together. Watched the spectacular fireworks in the night. One word to describe it -AWESOME!

The next day, brought them for breakfast before checking out. They were well-behaved when I did the check in. I never need to worry about them in the plane, they are so obedient. So, will I take them on holidays alone? Perhaps.

We shall look forward to our holiday in year-end.

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