Saturday, April 23, 2011

Adrianna's BD

Girls were thrilled to bits when they received an invite to their friend's birthday party. We all looked forward to it coz' we had the company of our dearest friends.

We were a little late coz' we had our Easter treasure hunting at home. (Haiz! If only we had a hunt in her place, I'd gladly sponsor all the treats.) Nevertheless, the kids had a great time together.

"Pin the tail" game which my girls didn't want to play.
Goodies prepared by mummy. She always spoil the kids
Mei-mei is happy with hers.
Oh! It was nice of mummy to get an ice-cream man. Mei-mei was looking forward to her Mee Soto and she wasn't that pleased with ice-cream. Che-che was .... what can I say? A mummy who keeps restricting cold food/drinks, che-che went crazy. And didn't have proper meal.
Lovely birthday cake. I can't bear to spoil the cake

The girls found the joy in throwing confettis
The destroyed cake

For the first time, mei-mei dare to hit the pinata

Some how, we all need the Power Mummies help. So powerful that the bat broke. Host took out a baseball bat. Woah!
After 2 rounds, my skinny girl was tired and did the smartest way of sitting down and wait.

The most Powerful Mummy came to the rescue. Kids ran to get their goodies.
Baby Saby, S and mei-mei

The girls were really exhausted at the end of the day.

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