Thursday, May 23, 2019

That deja vu feeling

Sometimes when I do stuffs on the laptop, I'll prefer to have peace and quiet but sometimes I like it when I listen to some soothing music. 

Today, 23rd May, five months plus after the last time I was listening to music while on laptop, I had that deja vu feeling. 
Back in November and December, I was rushing through planning holiday itineries and doing up lil' one's travel journal I was listening to all the jazz songs, christmas songs too to put myself into that wintery christmas-sy feel and also to block out any noise the girls were making. 

At that time, I kindda left the girls alone without me chasing or telling them to do their work etc.. It was definitely a very relaxing feeling. Suddenly the heavy stone on me was lifted away, I didn't have to bother about their academic as they had both finished their exams and while I resigned to fate with lil' one's results and posting, I had no idea and didn't want to think too much on che-che's results.
The girls were hanging out together, sent them out to settle lunch on their own which they gladly did. They went to Hougang Mall, NEX etc.. they had fun outside without me, I had them out of the house so that I could focus on the planning. I shall not leave things to last minute this year, I should start planning some thing now. 

The holiday makes me want to really start planning a trip on my own. But holy shit! Che-che's Grade 8 exam is sometime in end Aug to Sept. And provided the man is not travelling too. Sigh..... 我要出国。 

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