Saturday, May 11, 2019

On This Day - 11th May #Reminders from FB#

11th May 2012 - 
Her first trip to the optician. It's confirmed that she IS DESPICABLE MISCHIEVOUS!!! Optician said she can see. He had his way of finding out if kids were lying. At one point he made her write down. (phone batt went flat couldn't take pic of her doing that).
He kept shaking his head and I suspected he tricked her. Ok, at least she sat on that chair. That should make her happy already right?     
I asked her if she really can't see. Days ago she kept saying "I cannot see". Today, I asked and she gave me that sheepish smile and said that she could see. @-@!! 

这个小瓜小冬瓜真的是伤脑经啊!Keeping me on my toes all the time. 

11th May 2013 -
Massaging her ponytail and head. Hahaha! Little Miss Shortie is so funny! The SAs laughed at her; the guy sitting next to her tried to control his laughter.  One SA came and tried to pull down for her but still reaching her ponytail.
That day we were in Compass Point, in our usual weekend jalan jalan. We walked by Osim massage chairs display in Harvey Norman? or Best Denki? We sat down to try, and lil' one in her sharp voice "I want to try! I want to try!" and sat down. What followed after that was laughter from me and hubby. So funny!

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