Sunday, February 10, 2019


It’s 2 months into 2019 and our tickets has been booked for our year-end holiday. It helps that we know where we are headed for the year. 

Yay! USA here we come!

Shouldn’t leave decision to the child because she will repeat the same destination. Che-che likes San Francisco and LA so much that she wants to go again but I prefer to travel somewhere else. Well, at least somewhere where they've never been to - midwest. East is not a bad idea too for first timer lil' one. In the end, she did heed our advice when hubby suggested to add Seattle into the road trip where "Starbucks began from there. Don't you both like Starbucks?" 
San Diego, San Jose, Sacramento, Catalina Island. Hmm.... sounds so ambitious to want to go so many places. Not forgetting National Parks. 

This time, I should do my research on astrophotography sooner and get the settings right. Maybe have more time to save up on another lens? Perhaps a 200mm or more f/2.8 lens? So that I can zoomed into the sky and hopefully get nebulas. Tripod is a must, I'm glad I bought a better and sturdier tripod. I opened up the FOC Olympus tripod that was meant for compact camera in Grand Canyon, wanting to use it with my DSLR but we should be thankful that the tripod didn't tip over the canyon with the strong wind. With us armed with more knowledge on constellations, we should do a better job in identifying the sparkly stars this time. 

I should think we have more time to plan this trip right? I'm not supposed to be helping out lil' one is any work now that she's in secondary level so I guess I'm able to free up more time. 

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