Friday, June 29, 2018

1st Open House - TKGS - drafted on 28th May #lateposting#

Open houses are meant for visitors an access to a secondary school, tertiary school and learn more about it. Open houses provide students with a unique opportunity to get information so they can decide whether or not to apply to the school. In lil' one's case, she is only keen in this school. And honestly...... I pray really hard that she 梦想成真。Looking at her grades now...... she gotta work really hard for it.

Ideally, it's best to go to schools' OH when child is in Primary 5. Reason being, some schools hold their OH on the same day, and it's not really possible to go to 2 or 3 in a day. Some parents I heard are super kiasu - they bring their kids there in Primary 4. 
But we didn't go any last year coz of her tuition. In che-che's time, we went RGS, (not that she was able to make it there but it was a good inspiration push for her to work harder) NYGH (I wanted to see the school and took the opportunity since I've got a pawn ticket - her!), Cedar (was her dream school. And I have to remind you that we or rather I told hubby if he wanted to find a new house, to get it somewhere along the NE line. What a stupid idea from me. In the end, she couldn't even make it there. Very sad, she was so confident.), PLMGS too when we went for the DSA talk. Lil' one was all so excited when I told her about TKGS OH [well she better make sure it's not 'dreaming  of the school' dream school]. Made a switch for her Math tuition to another day.

Saw so many familiar faces, a lot of KCP girls go over TKGS. Bumped into S, my long time friend and R, another KCP PV whose older daughter is in the school.   

She was keen in their Badminton CCA. Lo and behold, practice is 3x a week!! I'm already grouching with che-che's twice a week Band CCA. The only CCA I checked with once a week is Girl Guides. 
She played with the seniors and I'm quite impressed with this girl. Even though she aint that fantastic but she was better than what I expected. I expected her to play badly too coz' she was in slippers but she was still alright in the game.

With another tuition in the afternoon, we left the school at 12plus.  

I sincerely hope after the visitation, she feels motivated to work even harder and not be so slackish in her answering techniques. 
Or shall I be more gangho and buy her a set of uniform to hang it up? Haha! That's what I did..... I still have that Cedar Girls uniform nicely packed at home.  


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