Sunday, June 18, 2017

WHAT THE #%^* !! - NYAA

I thought just her stupid Band +40hrs should suffice to get that 2 points. Now I'm hearing something new - NYAA Silver.
What the??!?! I would think that trying to get that minimum 40hrs (or 10hrs per year) is already a challenge and a "forced one". Not to mention, my girl has to specifically tell me she dowan to interact with people, with children.  To which I suggested she could volunteer to sweep the tombstones coz the dead won't be talking to her.  Now with this what are they trying to do? Of course you can choose not to do it. What this NYAA Silver do is it puts you over the edge over the others. Supposedly if every kid in Singapore scores 6points for L1R5 and everyone minus 2 points for CCA = 4points.

Not to mention I'm tad disappointed that the school won't help in anyway, won't suggest what to do.  What more I'm a clueless mom. I'm sorry to say but why is the school like this.  Though I'm somewhat happy that she's in my alumni, I'm also regretting that I had listened to her and didn't try to appeal a transfer to TKGS. So I pray hard lil' one score well to get out of this school. No way am I going to let my second child go through this. And with new implementation, who knows what upgraded shit the younger kids have to do. It's really no wonder that kids now don't get to enjoy as much as we did

 CCA bonus points are awards for National Youth Achievement Awards, which can aid in admission to junior colleges, polytechnics and universities.

The National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) is an exciting personal challenge to young people between the ages of 14 and 25. It is a balanced program of activities design to equip youths with personal qualities and skills to make a difference to themselves, their communities and their world.

There are 3 levels of the Award in which you can participate – Bronze, Silver and Gold, with each successive level requiring a greater level of commitment and determination.
The NYAA Program is a do-it-yourself kit for youth development allowing you to tailor the program to suit your own needs, interests and level of commitment. The program is divided into three levels which vary in difficulty and commitment. Within each level, you are required to complete various sections that will develop your physical, social and mental skills which will serve you well into your future.
Level of AwardAgeMinimum Time Period 
Bronze14 & above6 months
Silver15 & above12 months
Gold16 & above18 months
Regardless of which level of the Award you are participating in, you are required to complete non-competitive activities in the following areas:
  • Service (volunteer for at least 60 hours spread over a period of 12 months)
  • Adventurous Journey (4D3N outdoor camp with at least 32 hours of outdoor activities)
  • Skills (At least 18 months or 12 months if you have completed this section at Silver level)
  • Physical Recreation (Take up and indulge in a sport for at least 40 hours spread over a period of 3 months, Example Sports Elective)
  • Residential Project (Plan, undertake, follow up and sustain a meaningful project that can benefit the less fortunate community at large, Example OCIPs)

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