Sunday, June 18, 2017

The amateurs BBQ-ers

老天爷 played the biggest joke on us today.

Brother booked a BBQ pit at a chalet and informed us weeks before. The girls were looking forward to this as I had made the exception of them missing their tuition and giving them their well deserved break. 

They were given 4 free tickets to Wild Wild Wet, thankfully father volunteered to go and take care of them. So we stayed in the comfort of the air-conditioned room, waiting for him to send over pictures and videos. THIS IS CALLED RESPONSIBLE PARENTING FROM A DISTANCE. Che-che did a good job in taking care of the two younger ones. Quite pitiful lor! She didn't get to play what she wanted. Nobody to follow her on those big slides. Anyway, I wouldn't dare to go on the rides (haha! this is from someone who dares to take roller coaster rides) even if I'm there. 

We proceeded to the pit to get everything ready. So excited coz... I haven't been a part-time satay seller for a long time. 

But it was a mistake from the start.
(1) Brother took a long time to start the fire. I should have googled- search how to stack up the charcoals. But I guess he knew what he was doing since he went through Army. Then mom came down, and there was another set of opinion that he set up wrongly. Hmm.... The guys from the pit opposite us came about half an hour later than us but they got everything fired up so quickly. Another family from another pit came close to an hour later, so finished everything so fast. Looking at the speed we get the fire (what fire?) up, I doubt I'll carry out the task of organising a BBQ birthday party for lil' one (she asked her daddy for one months before)  
I'm asking for trouble if I ever start to plan for it
(2) When I peered over the pit opposite us, I noticed they barbecued their food in different sequence from us. And I believe theirs would be the best - looking at the speed they finish barbecuing their whole lot of food, they were doing the right way.  I can only go on sighing at the state of mess we've created. 

Then dark clouds came in to join in our dull mood. I didn't welcome them at all. Lo and behold the expected thing happened quicker than I thought and .... we hardly barbecued anything! What were we going to do with the un-barbecued food??  真的是开玩笑。 老天爷再增我们。We had no choice but to continue BBQ-ing the food. Father came back with a parasol. Haha! You know we often complained that he has so many rubbish in his car... but this time he brought out something which is really useful. Since we're a bunch of comical inexperienced BBQers, give us 3 parasols also no use.  

I was soaked coz the rain plummet down so fiercely at us. After some time when we think we've barbecued sufficiently, we decided to pack up and head back to the room. 
Father did the disappearing act again, just when we were about to complain that he wasn't helping us at all, he came with a supermarket trolley and a canvas sheet from his car. Good timing! We loaded more things, which certainly expedite the whole moving process. 
We're damn smart in this except for BBQ-ing. We should be house movers/packers.

The kids barely even soak into the BBQ atmosphere, infact they were upstairs the whole time after they got back from Wild Wild Wet, took their shower and then it rained. 

I should have brought my AIRFRYER as it would have done a better and cleaner job. Conclusion : 
a) none of my family should organise a BBQ. Use an Airfryer, less oil.        
b) if the girls ever really really want one. I'll hire help. This way, I get to enjoy my food and company. 

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