Monday, April 7, 2014

PSLE then and now

Four months into the new year and I'm already so exhausted.

So, who's sitting for PSLE I wonder? I'm a repeat student 27 years later. The only difference is that I wasn't so bothered with grades. 

My mom is illiterate, the only subject she could teach me was Chinese. However, I only remember the ruler she used to whack me asking me to pay attention. 27 years later, I whack my kid to pay attention. Retribution! Then, grades wasn't that important afterall we have an affiliated secondary school. Moreover KC's reputation then wasn't so bad.

Somehow in between that lost time, I have no idea when Primary school became so different. I remember reading my then boyfriend's nephew kindy or was it primary work : (can't remember exact words but somewhere along this line)
My ______ is my father's brother. His ______ is my Aunty.
My cousin's _______ is my Aunty.

I was shocked.

Then fast forward few years later, I look at my girl's work. No more uncle; aunty; grandma thingy - thank God. But manageable for me, then came those ridiculous Math questions which we never did before. I studied alongside with her, I went for workshops. I challenged her. That nephew said it's really getting harder and harder this time round. However, things are just not the same anymore. 

Then, tuition was rarely heard of. We just struggled and study what is in the book.  If someone mentions he/she has tuition, we gasped in horror. He/she must be doing really bad in school.

Now, tuition centres and tuition teachers are making big bucks out of kiasu parents. Even the stellar students are not spared, parents wants them to get even better grades. 
I jumped into the bandwagon as well. I'm glad I have great teachers tutoring her at home and at the centres she goes. They're patient and give feedback to me regularly, I scold my girl if she ever made the teacher angry coz it shows that she wasn't paying attention. But then again, after a full day in school I wouldn't be surprised that she goes into Lala-land midway class. 

It was home after school, we were so carefree. We could play after school, watch TV programs. Then, our parents brought us out for jalan-jalan after school. My CCA was some library duties. I remember my "SSshh.. silence please." Telling the girls to keep quiet when my voice is much louder than theirs. Haha! I don't remember staying back for remedial or supp classes.

Kids have CCAs, and if they're in niche CCA - good luck!  
Poor kids have to stay back in school for supplementary classes then have tuitions, piano lessons....  Now, we still bring our kids out to shopping centres - that is for their tuitions.

Our parents not so bothered then.

It is important you get good results to get into a good secondary school

Parents continue working as per normal. It's only an exam what? What's the big deal?

Some take leave in the beginning of the year, some take leave few months before. Somehow 8 out of 10 would take leave. Every concern parent would know this is the ultimate exam to determine the child's next 4 years or 6 years.

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