Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Getting ready

2013 came too soon. The day I've been waiting for is finally here.

This is the day my lil' one, the baby in the family, is marking a new chapter in her life. She's finally in Primary school. 宝贝上小一了!!

Since she is my second and last kid in school, I didn't have to deal with "what if she cries", "what if she's afraid". Nah! You know that second kid syndrome when you don't really bother as much as you would for the first kid? Moreover she knows the school better than her P1 peers. Hmm.... let's see - she knows where the canteen is; she knows where the ground floor toilets are (she always walk into the school and go pee-pee while waiting for che-che); she knows where the eco pond and aviary is - always running there. She knows the security guards; she knows some bus aunties. Nothing for me to worry except getting orientation right for some important places in school - she need not know where the Principal's office is though!

She's independent and I have no worries at all.

Days before, I made her practice putting on and taking off her uniform again. She seems alright with it except buttoning up her blouse neatly. She will need more practices for sure but I'm not going to spend my time making her practice again. I ironed that set of uniform and hang it up in the cupboard.

Yesterday, she took out her uniform from the wardrobe and hang her uniform outside all by herself and without me asking her to do so. She unzipped her schoolbag saying that she had to pack something else too for school. When prompted further what she needed to pack since I had already done so for her, her reply was "Moshi Monsters cards". Haha! She wanted to change her cards with her friends.

Since it's her FIRST day in a NEW SCHOOL, mamarazzi had to be there right? As what she said, "mummy you volunteer and help other mummies. Later I wait for you at the gate ok?" My heart cringed when she said that; then my mind went bonkers - "WHAT DID SHE MEAN BY THAT? SHE DON'T WANT MUMMY ANYMORE? SHE'S SHY TO BE SEEN WITH MUMMY?"

Anyway, here are the girls' bags. Orange coloured bag belongs to lil' one; Hello Kitty belongs to che-che.

Brand new shoes for the girls and un-stretched socks. All neatly placed and first school year - without any helper out too! Let's hope I survive without a helper. 

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