Wednesday, January 2, 2013

1st day in school

Woke up extra early to get them to school. I needed to be in school by 7am.

Lil' one was exceptionally excited, she couldn't wait to see her friends (no mention about exchanging Moshi Monster cards - thank God!) She was such a cheerful girl, I'm so blessed!
I was happy for her. Having gone through one kid prior, this is easy peasy. The night before, I hugged her and telepathied to her my confidence in her.
Walked the girls to the school gate, the priceless photo must be taken. And so she gamely gave me a peace sign. This would be the first and probably last photo of my girl at her primary school gate. Hmm.... perhaps I should take the final one on the last day of school (Primary 6) for both girls.  
I then recalled 4 years ago, I took a photo of che-che too. Athena's 1st day at school, click here
Che-che walked to where her friends would usually gather and meet in the mornings. She had a lot to chat with them.
Whilst I brought the lil' one along with me. First gathered with some PVs and briefed on what we were suppose to do, Diana saw lil' one "Oh! She's P1 this year!" 
Lil' one has that alertness in her, eyes darting around. Pleased to say everything is very familiar to her. Brought her to the canteen. She was the first to be there. She sat down where a table was labelled with her class name and chased me away. But where was I suppose to go? It's too early for me too? Even the houseflies are not awake yet. 

Once in a while between my assistance, I pop by to see her. The canteen was then crowded with many anxious parents, she didn't understand why the big booha. Just sat down there smiling and hugging her orange bag which was next to her.

Her FT was there and I was really lucky to have a few pictures of them. Mrs F is really nice to the girls and I'm sure Aricia will enjoy her first year in school

Anxious parents.
Relax need to worry about your girls.  
And then the few hours flew by and the PVs were back in the school hall. Blur faces, anxious parents. Some parents were there to make sure that their kid knew how to get on the bus. I must praise the school on how they organise everything. It was a breeze. No crying girls, no girls lost. Ha! I can't imagine my girls taking school bus to and fro. I'd be worried sick if my girls get bullied in the bus. 
Aha! I spotted my girl. Mamarrazzi is so spot on! 

Waiting for che-che who would be dismissed at the usual time. We had our lunch in the canteen and she kept herself occupied reading a book.
Day 1 passed exceptionally well. I'm  so proud of my girl.

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