Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another strong fighter

After the big news of Emma Yong's battle with C, I flipped the obituaries page. I was shocked to see another lady smiling back at me.

Evelyn, a lady whom I do not know personally but I did drop her an email once and she took time to reply me. At that time I thought it was so nice of her to do that cos' she was probably busy with more important matters and trying to spend as much time with her own family.
As what V, Carol's husband told me they had encountered - countless calls while wife trying to rest. They can't fault them afterall they were showing concern. (Carol and V is a couple I chatted up with in a Jap restaurant when I brought my girls for lunch one day after school. And they told me about Carol's illness. Immediately I felt a tinge of sadness and anger " what is going on in this world now. Seems like everyone around has cancer!" Of course I could only relate a little to them as I then had a surviving strong fighter SIL. It was after a few weeks later when I met her husband, who told me Carol wanted me to have this book she wrote. Only then did I realize she even wrote her book (and here I am only writing rubbish in my blog - shameful right?) The book is priceless!

Back to Evelyn. I didn't know they came back to Singapore until one day I thought I saw Evelyn walking to school. I asked che-che if N and S were back in school? She said yes. I was surprised coz' she did tell me they were in Beijing but thought maybe home is still better. I'll probably suffer if I were to stay there long too! Pollution and food.
And it so happened a few nights ago che-che was telling me about N (who is in the same Chinese class as her) didn't do her homework and teacher asked her about it. My reaction was "How the teacher responded?" She said she accepted her reasoning and I thought so too coz' their Chinese teacher is very understanding and nice lady. But never did I expect that the poor children have to deal with her sudden departure at this timing - SA1. I cried when I saw her picture, I never thought I would cry but I did.

And now that I've read this article, it made me cry even more and think about my SIL.
When I look at the picture of the girls and their daddy looking at mummy, it pains me. Rest in peace, Evelyn.

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