Friday, February 3, 2012

Did a month just flew by?

Did a month just flew by? It's only the beginning of the year and I can feel the steam coming from che-che's school. OMG! Can you believe it? Everyday I'm struggling to make sure she finishes her homeworks and then by the day ends she hasn't done any work for me. I'm not joking! If this goes on for the rest of this year, I'll be thankful if she passes her subjects.

I haven't been updating this blog here too. Mainly because I'm busy consolidating a blog specifically for their educational stuffs. It's really fun doing it and TIRING too! I will only do this when they're in Primary school. I think that already takes up alot of hard work from the mummy, who spends that 3 hours in the weekday trying to do as much as possible. Then not accomplishing anything for herself. What a life!

I'm half-hearted in closing down this blog. After paying someone to design my blog? I must be crazy!! Blogging helps me to relax a little but I haven't been able to spend as much time as I'd love to on it. So ??

Today's the 3rd day of Feb. In 4 months time I'll be a full time ah-soh. No luxury of having a live-in helper. Ay! Everyone have maid and they have time to go paktor with their spouse. I have maid all these 5-6 years also never go on paktor with hubby. Everyone have helper and they really relax.. yum cha; manicure; meet friends etc... I have helper all these years and I don't have the luxury to enjoy all these. Chauffeuring kids here and there and getting so stressed up with TIME constraints.
I've been wanting to plan my AH-SOH weekly schedule and have some idea running in my mind about how to cope with housework + kids. I can't stand a dirty house! Haven't got the time to think about it. My brain's too busy thinking other stuffs.
The mornings too! All these while, KZ gets the children ready for me while I wake up at 5+ to get myself ready. Without a helper I gotta start thinking what time to get up and prepare their breakfast. You might think I'm thinking way too hard right?
Problem is, I've a problematic kid who nibbles her food. You don't feed her, she'll sit there yakking away. Then I have another kid who is so S-L-O-W. OMG! With KZ, she handles all these part for me so I have lesser things to get myself aggitated. Though there's another worry about helpers abusing or beating their young mistress/master. Haha! I think I end up more furious than KZ and kill the kids. Duh! Things my mom never warn me about. Then I could have reconsidered whether to have any kids or not and still continue jetting around the world. I don't regret having them in my lives. I'm human afterall! When they are good I say they're my darlings; when they make me mad I say they're my devils. Hmm... I wonder who's more devilish

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