Friday, November 25, 2011

Birthday trip to Batam

It was a different way of celebrating her birthday. Hubby wanted to bring her out somewhere near but there wasn't any tickets. Well, let me rephrase that - there wasn't any tickets on budget airlines. I suggested a staycation at the hotel again, since the girls enjoyed it the last time. Hubby said boring, stay in SIN might as well stay at home. But different lor.. we don't have to clean the room and we get the shopping centre just next to us. The plus point is we don't have KZ with us. (okay, so that's the thing about having live-in maid. We get the convenience of leaving household chores to her. But ... we are deprived of our privacy)
Then the idiot me suggested Batam, thinking that it might have developed further from the donkey years ago since I last years. It was a bad move.

We didn't really enjoy the stay, there was practically nothing to do there. The girls went to the pool to play (watching daddy joining and playing with them is such a joy)

Wanted to canoe but when hubby and me saw the dirty murky waters, but the parents were put off. Except for the enthusiastic che-che who was so keen to go and sulked.

Spent cheaply at a games arcade. Oh man! They played like siao! It was really dirt cheap!! In order to make the birthday girl happy we asked if she wanted to do a Spa. And she was stuck with me in the Couples Room while hubby has the priviledge of relaxing fully. NOT FAIR!! Mei-mei is too young for such thing. I felt bad and asked the lady to use some of my time on her (she was fully clothed) as well. She liked it. The highlight of the whole spa treatment was the jacuzzi for them. I was in the steambath when the lady put the jacuzzi for che-che and they let mei-mei go in as well. After everything was over, they were still relating the whole thing to daddy.

What a birthday!

Ps : Honestly speaking, I think a 3D 2N in a staycation would have been so much better. But I guess spending that time with the family is even more precious than any venue. (sobs sobs... trying to console myself)

The rest of the photos :
Leaving for Batam
In the boat. Age is catching up on me... I could even sleep on this short boat ride.
The suite
A wet birthday kiss from mei-mei and a donut as her birthday cake

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