Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lion King - 14th May

Brought the girls for their first musical. Initially I had only bought two tickets for che-che and myself. I didn't buy the expensive front row tickets but bought the Cat 3 tickets to try out as I'm not sure if che-che would like it.

Mei-mei cried when she heard that she was not included. Quite poor thing also. In the end, I bought another ticket for her (thank goodness the seat next to us was not taken up). I gave her the condition that she shouldn't sleep inside (coz' she always sleep in movies), she agreed.

Two days before the show, I reminded her again. And in her mischievous response, she shouted "I'm going to sleep inside." Told her I'm going to pry her eyes open if she dares to sleep inside.

Verdict : She slept inside. Argh! I spent the money to put my precious LV bag. !!!!!! Of course I'm not bringing her to anymore musicals.
On the other hand, che-che enjoyed it so much

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