Wednesday, July 26, 2017

And so my point on social media ...... reiterated.

Sometime early this year, I've stated the reason why I decide to make a change and start blogging here more often than updating Facebook. Where selective news to portray the beautiful facade are plentiful.

Just few days I was reading up on a local Instagram star JC. I didn't know that there was a lawsuit against her partner, ST, that went was raised up a year ago. 

I must clarify that I'm not JC fan. Long time ago, when her divorce settlement was highlighted in the papers , I took notice of this name. At first I was envious of her after all we worked in the same company. So why is she so lucky to have met a tycoon and married when I wasn't and have to slog the rest of my life away. She's beautiful no doubt but over the years she did too many things that she looked so fake. I don't understand why she did that, (not that I know her personally that she'll give me an answer) but perhaps she has some insecurity issues. ??

Of course there will be haters and fans. I read some haters who commented that she's so fake. During interview, she would have three change of clothes? She would pause interview to do touch up. Simply put, needs to look her best. So, does she have any unglam moments? Social media - people do touch ups with apps or take the fake front eg. wash face first, do light make up then pretend to lie in bed and tag "just woke up". Am I the only one who would not bother with these and show my ugly face to the whole world?         

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