Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Rescue my face

It's a love hate thing I have for winter. I love the cold but I need to wrap myself up like dumpling. Added on the fact that I'm no longer young, I have to be more protective of myself. Thus restricting my movement. (I feel more cumbersome with my winter wear)
One thing I hate is how the cold winds will affect my skin. Usually I'm without makeup back home but when it comes to holidays in winter countries, I tend to put makeup to cover and protect my face. I'm not sure if my thinking is logical's also more likely I'll appear in the pictures too so I need to look good.  I have a 3 min hydrating mask I bought from my beautician in my travel toiletries bag.
Back in the apartment, I will have to be extra hardworking and put on facial mask, at least twice in any holiday. Back home, I can count the number of times I put on mask (those big piece face mask) at home with one hand. So with holidays, probably I felt a little relaxed to start remembering to pamper myself, I'll usually pack 1-2 inside my toiletries bag.
Last winter (2014), I was caught unaware how bitterly cold Shanghai was. So bad that the usual hydrating mask I have didn't work and I had dry; itchy; flaky skin. Sephora was near where we stayed, so I dropped by one day to get something for my skin. According to the SA, he said it's the best
but truth be told I hated the biting sensation, maybe it was that Alguronic Acid?? What the heck is that?! My skin didn't feel any difference but it felt more itchy. I was "slapping my face" almost the whole time. I looked embarrasingly like a lobster, my face was ... unsightly dark pink. Perhaps call me a pink snake coz I was like shedding my skin. Think that gave you an idea of how hideous I looked. 
Amazingly my face 'healed' when I returned back to Singapore, I didn't have to deal with more 'shedding'.   

This winter (2015), I was doing some reading up in the apartment in Shanghai. Note the difference in year 2014 and this year, hubby told me about a free VPN I could use from iPhone. It wasn't enough so I paid to upgrade the data. Both years we headed to Japan from Shanghai for a short break, this year I decided that my skin was about to "give way" again (not so bad coz winter was slightly warmer than last year's) so searched on recommendations of facial products I can get in Osaka. Magazines; bloggers; product reviews. I finally had some ideas and products to look out for.
Going into any Japanese beauty store is an experience not to be missed. I simply love it, however I have to be sure I clutch onto my purse tightly as I may end up buying more than what I need.
And you know what? Within a day! Yes, I'm not bragging it's really within a day. It wasn't dry anymore and it did seem that moisture from the lotion and cream was absorbed quickly into the skin. My skin felt supple and hydrated, got that "poing poing". And the best thing is that I didn't have to use alot. I needed only a small drop.(I bought the toner; lotion; facial wash; moist mist. Notice I didn't get serum and the basic set is good enough for winter country I layered my face like kueh lapis without that greasy feeling. It's that great!    
I then felt so cheated that my pricey Dr Grandel can even lose out to affordable brand like Hada Labo. It lives to their line "one drop locks an ocean"

Let me introduce to you : The Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Acid range (not the full range I bought) for hydration.

Extracted this from their website : 
13. What is the difference between Hyaluronic Acid and Super Hyaluronic Acid?
1g of Hyaluronic Acid is able to hold up to 6Lof water. Super Hyaluronic Acid has double the moisture retention capacity of Hyaluronic Acid, providing your skin with more moisture retention ability.

14. What is Nano Hyaluronic Acid?
Nano Hyaluronic Acid is another excellent ingredient that is newly added for skin hydration. The molecule size of Nano is 15-25nanometer is extremely fine so it can penetrate easily into the innermost layer of the skin.

This is what I bought for use in Osaka and Shanghai. Pictures are taken off from a website, the ones I bought are in Japanese.

Moisture Mist - which I brought out with me to hydrate my skin throughout the day. However I must admit whatever I put on my face in the morning before leaving the hotel was sufficient. Since I bought already, I shall try to lighten my luggage load. I was hesitant to buy another bottle as I have the habit of not putting any lotion or toner back home. And if it ran out before I left Japan, I'll buy another bottle to last my remaining stay in Shanghai. Only one bottle and I merely sprayed a few times. Somehow I feel it did its job of hydrating my skin on the go while my face is exposed to the weather elements.   
Toner - Feels this was doing its job, I didn't need the lotion at all. Or perhaps my skin feels superbly absorbent to anything since I hardly put on any. 

I noticed there's the green colour range as well but this is more hydrating and I'm basically using it for winter. I'm not sure as I've not checked out the stores in Singapore if they carried this range, anyway whether they have it or not, it's cheaper to get it here.

I bought another one - Premium oil Jelly 

which even more hydrating (for severe winter) coz it has a layer like Vaselin. When you're desperate, anything oily is good.  

I even got the facial mask. This mask - can do. 

I read up reviews on another mask so decided to try this out. The only thing I hate about this mask is that the they are not individually wrapped, which means taking them out nicely without creasing the next piece is a challenge itself. I prefer individually packed masks. Just like Hada Labo, this Lululun mask comes in many different colour packaging for varied usage. Do not be deceived by the watery feeling, eh... it's watery to me coz' I'm using a collagen hydrating mask at home which is starchy feel. One piece and I've got Pacific Ocean on my face. I read another review about a gold colour packaging mask but I only saw it in the hotel shop, can't find it in the stores. Too pricey. Never mind, still got chance to go Japan to stock up. 

I'm back to being pweety again. 

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