Friday, September 18, 2015

Lil' one's 9th Birthday Party - Theme

The lil' one's idea of having a party is to R.U.N. A.M.O.K.and playing like how she always play with her friends during recess. Then she suggested "let's have a barbecue". Huh? Who's going to barbecue and moreover when you have those old folks, they will always say "it's heaty". Well... that includes my ah-lao. (ahem ahem... yah I think he's an old folk? Haha!) 
Next she suggested having a pool party. Not bad an idea but it's the baby pool that is right outside the function room, if kids wanna go big pool - who's going to look after them? Safety issue. Worst! Is having to shout out loud for the kids to come back for cake-cutting etc.. 
There is a theme which I had set aside for che-che but didn't get to do it, however that is not what lil' one likes. Barbie is out, Frozen is out. Left with only one choice suitable for a 9 year-old - Science.

Going down memory lane. That's exactly the same theme che-che did for her 9th birthday. It would have been easier if both my girls are named ATHENA. I can recycle all the designs I did for che-che's birthday. But I did make a lot of changes after that. 

As much as I'd like to give my girls a birthday party. I feel I'm too old and tired to do all these preparations now. Perhaps my mind is still thinking about organizing the house. Only one pair of hands to cope with so many things to do. Sigh....

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