Monday, January 27, 2014

Goodye Ms Subaru

After driving for many years, it's time to finally let her go.

We got Ms Subaru as the second car in July 2007 , mainly for me to chauffeur the girls around. Its low fuel consumption; compact size is simply attractive. Plus I'm not that tall to look like a giant in a dwarf car, though hubby looks like one when he drives this car on weekends.
The girls used to like it, I had the Hello Kitty chairtable for them in the car, they eat on the go. I know this would attract unwanted pests, but our schedule is really tight. Plus I clean the car diligently. 
I love Ms Subaru coz' for a dummy like me, parallel parking becomes so easy. I've seen how cars tried to park a not too big lot and drive off after failed attempts, I take their lot and have the smurk look on my face as I walked out of the car. 

Subsequently over the years my girls have grown bigger. The car has become a little too squeezy for them. Last year when both girls have to carry big bags, it became worst. It was a battle of the faster hands win. They have no place to put their schoolbags, so they stack up and then start fighting. "My bag is at the bottom, the bag dropped to my side, I have no place etc..."  I get so immuned to their fights. When hubby's not around, they always ask me to drive his car but I refuse. I'd only drive if I had alot of bulky stuffs to buy.

Anyway, we've made the decision to sell one car this year and obviously it has to be Ms Subaru.

Thank you for serving me so well. I'm going to miss you. 

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