Saturday, May 11, 2013

Exams S.T.R.E.S.S

Do I need to explain how stressed I am now?
Che-che's exams is this week and ...... it's all the last minute cramming. NO JOKE!!  
Although her FT has lessen their workload this year, she comes back with homework still. Not as bad as last year when th e earliest time she goes to bed would be 10+. The girl wake up drowsy and grumpy and needless to say --- B:LUR FACE and more often going into dreamland in class. I can't fault her.
This year, she gets to sleep at 8+. YAY! Paying attention in class better, I hope! I have to wait for PTM to hear what the teacher tells me. However, I'm living each day just to complete her school homework and tuition work. My work? Very minimal. PATHETIC!
So you see, Mondays to Fridays then from Saturdays to Sundays. It's all the homework + tuition work etc.. no time for revision at all.
Perhaps I shouldn't have let her go for her SASMO Olympiad Maths Exam the saturday before. I could have used that 2 hours drilling her; grinding her for school exams. But decided at last minute to let her try out as she didn't take the exams last year and after I had given back a NIL return reply to teacher. By the time I changed my mind, the school teacher-in-charge said she has already paid and confirmed the number of students taking the exams. In the end, I had to enrol her as an external student.
At the exam venue, I spoke to a few parents (too friendly that can strike up conversation easily with strangers). They take Olympiad outside and not from their school. They pay more $$ to get their child tutored in Olympiad, whereas in che-che's school they pay rather cheaply. Whether syllabus covered is the same or not, I'm not sure as I don't even flip through her notes at all. 
Preparation for exams : I merely asked her to read through the day before.Wouldn't say she's well prepared for it.
She has another one in July by NMOS - National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore. Hopefully she'll have the time for revision for that. Meanwhile, I have a more important exam to mull over now.
Che-che ah...... do well for your exams.   

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