Friday, July 6, 2012

Updates updates

It's been more than a month since I last blogged. Oh well! Don't think can ever break my previous record.

Updates on what had happened in between the last entry and today.

During the short June holidays, I was doing the usual thing. It's funny, many parents I know can't wait for school to re-open. They try to occupy their kids' time and run out of ideas. For me, I know it does sound cruel, the girls were in the same routine so it made no difference to me, I didn't have to wreck my brain on what to do with them. They diligently woke up at 7+am or sometimes I let them get up at 8+am to have their breakfast and then they start doing work. Che-che had to cover tuition homeworks and my homeworks. I made her complete her school homeworks even before the school holiday starts. But it wasn't just work work work, I tried to bring them out whenever I can even if it's only for a few hours.
We went on a holiday to Sydney and Gold Coast. We took the new airline - Scoot. I love their seats. Holiday was fun.

No time for playdates again.

KZ left for good at the end of June. I was kept with my hands filled. It's a good thing hubby volunteered to bring the girls to school in the mornings while I stayed home to "do my housework" as what the man told me. Sigh.... I have a stamp on my head that says "Make me a slave" 

I'm more tired than before having to cope with housework and children.  

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