Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm so proud of her

Received a second mail when we rummaged through the mails on our table.

I'm surprised with the Good Progress Award, goes to show how jialat her previous results (SA1) was to have that big jump in grades in SA2. Haha!

Prior to leaving SIN earlier this month, we received one other letter. I never knew such thing existed. Well.... that's coz' my girl wasn't good enough to qualify for past 2 years lor! We can't get the bursary but oh well, it's great comfort to know that she's the top 60.

I know she's happy too with her 'even I can't believe it' results. She has worked hard and she has finally seen the light and understood what her mother had been nagging at her about that being hardworking and meticulous is important. I hope she has matured as what I've noticed during her preparations.
Most importantly I needed to prove to everyone around me, who seemed so cynical about the way I dealt with her. I needed to prove to hubby too, who had to tolerate the crazy wife shouting when he got back home from work, that I had my justifiable reasons for berating my girl.

Whatever it is, I'm so proud of her.


Karmeleon said...


Lily Ann said...

Hi Sam,
Can't believe you're still reading my blog which is almost non-existence as I hardly have time to update.
I haven't had time to figure out how to do the links on this new blog design. But been reading your blog too!
Don't congratulate too soon. I hope this whole thing doesn't get into her head and Cloud 9. I hope she continues to work hard

Karmeleon said...

I have it subscribed on my Google Reader, so it's easy to just read when there are updates, mah.

Good Progress Award - cannot receive if you do consistently well. But then in P5 and p6 can receive scholarship amount.

Lily Ann said...

That's my point. Goes to show she hasn't been doing well consistently. Haha!