Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tracking on motherhood & enjoying it


ros said...

Congrats on yr new baby Lily!

Boh Tong said...

So sweet of U to leave such a nice comment in my blog,Lily. I like U and if fact admire U for having a very positive attitude. I can imagine with an attitude like yours,U make a great wife and mother :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Lily,
Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments.

I've spent some time at your blogsite. Your girls are LOVELY!


shamill said...

Hi Athena mummy, i simply luv your DIY Dora theme birthday for your gal. Good job. Do u mind if i "steal" some of your ideas plus where did u get the purple flavour bag? Thanks !

JAMES said...

Hi Lily, i happen to chance upon ur blog while searching for s'thing else.. but hey, i must agree that i really like ur dora theme b'day party for athena. It's really well thought out! Lucky Athena! Care to share how u play that alphabet game? looks very original lei : )

cheers, Mavis

Cherry said...

Hi, Lily happen to see yr blog while searching for Sawako's site. Your blog is really awesome, good job!!!! Would like to check with you regarding Shichida method as I have a 14 mth old baby girl. Can email me at cai_sushan@yahoo.com.sg to enable me to discuss with u further hehe. Look forward for yr mail.

dilo bear said...

:D ...saw ur blogsite by chance..
will visit often in future..
enjoy ur holiday..
congrats on new baby!! :D

Princess said...


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sincityblogger said...

Been seeing your blog.Believe me, somebody do care. Be well.Always

Liza said...
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sobia said...


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My website will also hav a section on blog aggregator where i'd like to post ur RSS as well.

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Thank you,