Tuesday, August 22, 2006

KZ's birthday

In the morning, Athena insisted on giving her Aunty Zet her birthday card. When she gave the card to her she said "Aunty Zep I give you this not nice card. I do not nice." KZ received and kept it in her room.
After dropping Athena in school, I made a trip to Emicake to get a cake for KZ.Got her a "Pure Addiction" from Emicake. The cake has a thick layer of chocolate on the top sprinkled with some cute white marbled pieces on the top, and inside it's filled with chocolate coated almonds and ganache. Looks good. Can't wait to tuck in!

The day passed quite fast, and I left her to do her own things after finishing her chores. It was the time where I can quickly catch up on my sleep, so I took a nap in Athena's room.

We left to pick Athena up from her school. She went upstairs first while I picked both girl and cake. Felt a tinge of sadness came to me, here I am holding a box of chocolate cake and couldn't wait to tuck in but I can't - since I got the call from Peck Ling.

Picked hubby up from his workplace and then went down to Inle Myanmar Restaurant. We asked her for her recommendation, ended up she ordered the noodle soup for herself (think she didn't understand what we were suggesting to her). I ordered a fried vermicilli with chicken- which turned out vermicilli was mee hoon not the tung hoon. Hubby ordered Fish with Tamarind Sauce and Kangkong with garlic to share with girl. Although I washed off the so-called chilli (she kept screaming "it's hot. Got chilli.") in my soup, she simply refused to eat her rice. So I gave her my mee hoon which she gulped down until she started burping. KZ recommended Coconut Agar Agar to us, which turned out that it tastes different. Hubby ordered the Burmese Chendol, which had nothing except for the greeny worms and probably one or two chestnut cubes. I savoured a little of each. We were very full and suggested that we cut the cake back at home. Felt so stupid lugging the plastic bag around.

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KZ outside the restaurant

Anyway, we went up to the 2nd floor where hubby said there's a Little Myanmar. She was smiling all the time, seeing something almost familiar to home. Went into a grocer store where I asked her if she wanted to buy anything, which she missed. As usual, she's so pai-seh dare not pick up anything for herself. The stroll made our stomach a little lighter.

I don't know what's with Athena today, she seems to be yakking and yakking away today. Out of the blue just started singing a song which she had just learnt "O.B.E.D.I.E.N.C.E blah blah blah..."(couldn't figure out the words) And then she started yakking until we cannot tahan. I don't think the vermicilli made me so talkative today?!?

Anyway, we headed back home about 2 hours later. By the time we reach home was already 15 minutes past 9. Food digested and we can cut the cake. Athena was so happy....

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I only cleaned up Athena's chocolatey mess from her plate. So poor thing..
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So messy my little girl.

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