Monday, November 27, 2017

White Christmas?

I'm so excited that we might be spending a white christmas this year in Yosemite. Yay! That is if we haven't got killed by the bears. And then che-che reminded me that it's winter and the bears are hibernating. 
What makes it exciting is that (perhaps) che-che will be a little crazy like me to try to find a safe spot within safe walking distance with a huge powerful torchlight in either one of the 4 parks we're going to look out for milky way and hopefully the stars will be brighter. I shall look out for the North Star. Ha! That is if I can identify which is which. I want to see Big Ursa. We will be away from the city, into nature for a week to 4 national parks - Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Sequoia and lastly Yosemite.    

This would be my second time in both Grand Canyon and Yosemite. The first time we went was April 2002, Spring. The waterfalls flowed very nicely with spring snow melt and we had lovely weather. 
This time round, I had to make sure that the girls have waterproof pants. I'm not sure about the boots though coz I hate carrying shoes in luggage. With the waterproof pants and jackets, they can roll and dive into the snow as much as they want. 

The reality of spending Christmas in an angmoh country makes me a little excited. I hope lil' one doesn't go up to all Santas in the streets and exclaimed he hasn't given her anything yet. 
My first white christmas was during my first year of flying - 1995. I was in New York. Wow! How lucky I was!! Though I didn't get to spend christmas at home with family, the excitement of soaking up the atmosphere; ice-skating in Rockefeller was enough to fill up my heart. It snowed, though not heavy one but that was good enough. Good enough for a suaku me. 

This year, I pray that it will be lovely. We might dine in a nice cozy place with fireplace. I hope Santa - some staff - will come over and delight the kids. Especially lil' one, I am going to tell her the truth when she hits 12. Actually...... a bit not fair to her right? When I told che-che the truth, she still had to continue with the game for another 4 years. So technically she got her present till 16 yrs-old and lil' one will stop getting hers at 12 yrs-old.        

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