Friday, April 20, 2007

Breakkie @ Sentosa

Feels wonderful to be home, even though we only spent one night in Sentosa. Honestly speaking, I hate to pack bag for this kind of overnight trip (especially when you have a little baby, you need to pack even more things) then gotta unpack all over again - sic feeling.

Since we were out of the house rather early yesterday, we dropped by the new & small mall at Fernvale. Suddenly remembered that we needed to get Aricia's cake (I forgot to buy it from Bengawan Solo on Wed night), to celebrate her turning 7 months old. After that we drove in and proceeded straight to the hotel - Costa Sands Resort. (ps. upon hearing the name I started packing in mosquitoes coils tho' hubby kept insisted it's a hotel not a chalet. Once bitten [many times for Athena & myself] twice shy.) We can't check in though I tried to make it sound pathetic enough that I've got two hyper & fretty kids blah blah; hubby was too honest "we need a room to put our bags."Blah! Here I am trying to lie my way through and he had to say something!! Of course what reply would you get? "we have a room here for you to put your bags"

There are so many changes in Sentosa, since the last time I stepped ashore in 2003. Monorail is no longer in operation, I really liked that! Places that used to be there are not there, places that are still left standing have changed from free admissions to paid admissions. Well, we could have skip attraction sites so to save money, but we decided to go to Underwater World. Weighing all the attraction sites, of course this would be more educational for Athena (and eye-opener for KZ) We can skip the rests since it'll be of no interest to any of us except KZ.

Carpark outside Underwater World

Touch pool - Rays

The scaredy-cat Athena was so scared to see the sea animals; asked to be carried by daddy in the tunnel. At one point when we were going into the sharks' section, hubby teased her by bringing her closer to a laser 3D shape of a shark - she started screaming her head off! An angmoh couple laughed at her. Aricia is oblivious to all the huge animals that she sees, she sees them swimming by and she wouldn't know what it is. Sat her infront of the jellyfishes. In the end she was the focus for some shots from some tourists. Haha! She kindda bend herself forward; opened her mouth while looking at them & smiling a teeny weeny bit for them

The only shot of me taken by someone else.. has to turn out blurry. The top clearer pic is self-taken.
I like her first pic - that cheeky look
I hate to take photos inside, coz' not enough lighting and then I turn off flash, cannot move - how to? Bring a large flashlight that's enough to light up the world?! Then.. I start thinking about "maybe I should get a professional camera since I love photography so much (but I can't take nice shots).

The scaredy-cat girl was probably so frightened out of her wits and stomach that she started complaining that she was hungry. There was nothing much to eat at the food court outside Underwater world so we had to find food elsewhere.. and we're totally lost. And the map doesn't come in handy at this time, not when you have a baby trying to eat your map and you have another girl screaming of hunger behind - naturally I felt so kan-cheong. Somehow the peacock attracted our attention when mom exclaimed "that peacock flew up to the rooftop" and yours truly didn't know peacocks can fly. So stupid!

Hubby drove searching for food, really stupid to search for food when we have no idea where to go. Ended up parking near the carpark in Songs of the Sea, but then no food + hot sun = feeling grumpy. Turned out Kopitiam is quite closeby, one tram stop away. Took the tram, had our meal. Then we allowed Athena play with water outside the food court since the tram was not there yet. She over-played and in her mischief kicked some water onto Aricia, mom & KZ. Apparently, Aricia was so happy and started laughing loud. She kept kicking the water

We made our way back to get the keys - just in time lor... 2.30pm check-in mah! To think that they called my hubby at 9.20+ "your rooms are ready.." $%^#
Glad that the rooms are mozzies free, and our aircon was cold. Yippee! Hungry girl wants to sleep with mom & helper while we have Aricia to sleep in between us. I was worried she might fall in between the two joined beds. Anyway, she's not that heavy enough to put that kind of pressure on it. Haha! Took a short nap, we were all tired from the heat. I was looking at the tickets and gasped "dear dear, the ticket includes Dolphin Lagoon leh...." "yah, I know." Dunno if he really knew or just trying to act smart "we go tomorrow" "cannot! It's only for today.." by then my mind starts thinking on lies I can tell the counter staff... if we really can't make it today. It was about half hour to the last show, and the kids are still napping. I have sinned, I'm always lying.

Nevertheless, we gave it a miss and went to the beach with pail, shovel etc... and her flags (which she told me the day before "mummy you never make flags for me, I need it for my castle) Okay... let's see what she's going to make! Turned out she didn't do anything except to dig up sand elsewhere while helper was trying to help her and end up doing everything herself.

Singapore's Little Mermaid.
The youngest lifeguard

Athena finally took the credit when she put the flags down. So much about her wanting to make sandcastles... and made me go Sentosa! When we packed up to leave, Athena wanted to pack up her sandcastle as well.. she took out the flags and insisted that someone will take away her castle.

Washed out feet and hands etc.. and went for dinner at where else? but Sakae Sushi.

It was 8+ by the time we got back to our room, we had to cut the cake for Aricia. The cake survived through earthquake on richter scale 8 - destroyed but still can hold her candle. The cake wasn't that fantastic, anyway what do you expect from a bakery you've never heard of and the cake costs only $10?

Retired for the night and looked forward to the pool and Aricia's first dip.

20th April
Woke up at 7am, Aricia's been pinching my nose - I guess she was trying to wake me up coz' she smiled at me the moment I opened my eyes. I didn't sleep well though I was very tired, coz' I was so worried if she might fall in between the beds & kept checking on her . Kept bringing her closer to me and somehow she keeps ending up in the middle; bring her to me; rolls over. Argh!

Idled in the room before we bring the children to the pool close to 8am. The waters felt warm to us that's why we decided to bring them down.

Aricia wore the same costume that Athena wore when I first brought her for her first dip at 4months +. Ai yoh... I carry Aricia up, the bikini almost dropped! So sexy!

Aricia cried and cried. I really wondered why?? Could it be - the water is not warm to her expectation? She always enjoyed her bathtime so her cries for help is unfounded.Athena? Scared like crazy again. I buay tahan my girl leh! She's so timid, scared of every single thing. Insist on sitting on the steps. Hubby carry her she held him so tight. I decided not to swim in the end, coz' not enough time for me. Mom swam. In the end, father and daughter found greater joy in just sitting down and splashing the water about.
Splish, splosh, splash Sigh... hubby asked "she everything scared, how to let her learn swimming?"
Aricia came down to the pool again with mom and KZ. She simply kept looking at them. After the "splashing about in the water" Athena insisted to go down to the beach to see her sandcastle.
At the steps she kept saying "cannot see already. It's not there anymore.."
Hubby : There......... it's still there
As they walked toward it, Athena stopped her track. Guess what?! Should be the patrol vehicle collapsed her castle. She was so sad and was about to cry. I wonder why? Afterall it wasn't her who made it what!

Relaxed in the room. Hubby stroked Aricia's head trying to make her sleep (coz' she sleeps very little, like only 20minutes or so then wakes up) and said "Aricia, we have to send you for meditation class. You have to learn to relax.." I added "Then we have to send Athena for motivation class." After which I mimicked "You can do it. You CAN DO IT! Can you do it? Yes, I CAN. YES, I CAN." Hubby laughed at my remarks.

Left the hotel and proceeded to Merlion. We had no intention to go up, won't be so silly to pay $8 to see our Singapore's views. Only tourist will do it not locals! Needless to say KZ was happy just by going up close to it. Helped her take photos of her in my camera. Perhaps I should get her a camera for her birthday?

It's hot hot hot! Athena couldn't take the heat and pulled up her already short dress


I was attracted to these kiddo things. I don't understand what's the house with a large face. Is it a nursery rhyme too? When I saw the shoe, I started singing the nursery rhyme "There was an old woman who lived in a shoe....."
Strange, I'm so happy when I saw those things. Why? There's still that child in me who refused to grow up!

Then, it's time to head for Vivo City - home. KZ asked me the night before if she could take a photo of the bridge on our way home. Well, we tried. She got her shots but hubby got chased out of the coach carpark lot while waiting for us.So funny!

As usual, our loud alarm clock rang "I'm hungry, I'm hungry, I'm very much hungry....." on the dot. Had our lunch in Food Republic before the lunch crowds comes in.
Didn't have the chance to window shop, the lunch already took up a long time. Athena wanted to play in the playground, so we let her. At first she was in the playground, then she stopped to look at the splashing water jets. I gave her the permission to stretch out her hands to get it wet. And then girl...... did it slowly : hands, then brought up her dress to wet it, she was quite wet, ran through the jets etc...... how to stop her? She was having so much fun, didn't want to dampen her mood. She's still a child! Anyway, we still had a change of clothes in the car so nominated my hubby to get it (who asks him to have long legs?)

Click here to see video

I should think Athena enjoyed herself. Who wouldn't anyway? - when she gets to skip school for 2 days! She took her nap in the stroller and in the car, she was still grumpy despite getting her 700+gms of chocolates from Candy Empire!

Footprints of daddy and his little girl.
" Daddy will walk with you..."

Shucks! Athena & myself got the most bites again!

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